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    Best Settings for Maximum Quality with smallest file size

    big_smile Level 1

      I am generating PDFs from Indesgin. The InDesign document is a 24 page children's book, so the artwork consits of flat colour backgrounds that are made in Illustrator.


      The PDFs are around 13MB. But if I run them thought the optimiser in Acrobat I can get them down to 9MB without effecting quality.


      The only problem is that automatically generate 100 of these PDFs  a day automatically (It is a personalised book produce via HP Smartstream), so I cannot open them up each time in Acrobat (unless there is a way to send them automatically to Acrobat after creation).


      Is there any way I can replicate the Acrobat 'effects' in the InDesign settings panel when you create the PDF?


      My artwork is originally in EPS. I've tried saving it as TIFF and AI before bringing it into InDesign. Although the individal TIFF/AI files are smaller than EPS, the output PDFs are the same size (sometimes bigger).


      The only thing that reduces the file size inside InDesign is dropping the compression of colour images down from 300 ppi to 150 ppi. But I find if I go any lower than this, the print quality suffers.