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    P9X79 Pro OC advice.

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      Ok, well Ive gone and done what i said i probably wouldn't and OC'd my new rig. When i installed the AI suite for my asus mobo i couldn't resist the autotune feature which made all stress testing etc look so easy.

      I did the auto function on fast (not extreme) and it came back with a %30 boost clocking at around 4170mhz.


      Now quite admitably OC is one area im a complete Noob , i understand the princepals, but just haven't spent a lot of time to learn as most other areas.

      I have screen shotted the settings it came up with and deemed safe, and most looks ok from what i know ,3 main questions for those with more experience


      1. is 1.5v ok for dramm ..  from memory this should be max, could it be lower and would that be safer.

      2. 1.305v for cpu is quite safe yes ?

      3. BCLK at 126 i thought was a bit high, can someone confirm ?



      In addition, can anyone point me towards a good testing app for really running this through its paces and checking temps etc. are all ok after prolonged use.



      Thanks heaps




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          Troy_w1 Level 1

          In addition i just ran the PPBM6 and kept an eye on temps, avg never exceeded 75 , individual never went over 78 , initially it actually had better temp readings than the benchmark before I OC'd , turing the MPE off it went higher by only 2-3 degrees which seems pretty good.


          I am running the Noctua u12 to cool the 3930k.


          One weird thing i came accross during this test , is a major difference in CPU temp between Speccy and the Asus Sensor app , here is a screenshot for reference ...


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            cc_merchant Level 4

            Is there a reason you use the 'strap' method instead of the multiplier method to overclock? Using the 'strap' method entails the risk that when you raise the BCLK, you also raise the PCIe bus frequency and that can be disastrous on additional cards.


            The temperatures are pretty high for such a mediocre overclock. If you try the Stress Test from Prime95 you can expect temperatures that are in excess of 80° C and that is pretty high, even with only 1.305V for the CPU. 1.5V for memory is quite OK.


            I would suggest you try a BCLK of 100 or maybe 101, and a multiplier of 42 with a VCore of around 1.32V. So no 'strapping'.

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              Troy_w1 Level 1

              As I mentioned this was an automatic overclock which runs a bunch of tests and determines the maximum most stable settings, I only reason know basics of OC.

              I changed settins to BCLK 100 and multi to 40 with Vcore at 1.3V .. clock sits right on 4000 give or take , though is this a worry , check out th eVcore sensor reading


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                Troy_w1 Level 1

                well that vcore was worrying me, so i backed it off to 38 muliplier, vcore down to 1.2V and it sits on 3800 fine and the vcore reads 1.320V ...

                Im a bit confused why the vcore reading seems to be above the setting, with the auto clock it wasn't ?