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    How to display second element from json file in EA ?

    Chris Lhaut Level 1



      I'm looking to do sommething with json datas. I used a script using Edge commons that shows how to load json datas.

      the problem is that it loads all the elements from my Json file. For example, here is my structure:




          "title": "test",

          "description": "my description",

          "spotlight": "images/img00.jpg"



          "title": "title 2",

          "description": "Here my second desc",

          "spotlight": "images/img01.jpg"



          "title": "title3",

          "description": "Here is another desc",

          "spotlight": "images/img03.jpg"




      and this is how it loads in my Edge file:



      load: [



      complete: function() {

      EC.debug("Ready to go!");




      // get JSON file




      console.log("incoming data: ", data);

      $.each(data, function(index, item){

      var s = sym.createChildSymbol( "txt_content" , "txt_content" );

      s.$("title_featured").html( item.title );

      s.$("txt_featured").html( item.description );

      s.$("spotlight").html( '<img src="images/'+item.spotlight+'" width="418px" height="227px" />' );


      s.play(index * -500);


      s.setVariable( "spotlight" , item.spotlight );







      All my elements load in my file but how can I do if for example I want to display ONLY the second element ?


      Can someone help me please? it's for sure not hard to do but I'm looking for the solutions for a few days now :/



      Thanks for the answers !