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    How to 'randomize text constantly'?



      I need to know how to make a certian number of characters (6) randomize constantly as if the computer is 'hacking' a password!



      Harry Fish

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          Taverino Level 2

          In Animation Presets, check out the "Buzz Words" text animation. There is an expression under "Source Text" that you could play with to achieve what you might be seeking.   

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            harry.fish Level 1

            Thanks, any suggestions for the expression?

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              Taverino Level 2

              There are probably plenty of more elegant solutions, but if you're not comfortable with randomizing expressions, you could just hard code a bunch of "random:" values. If the
              "buzz frame rate" is high enough, I doubt anyone would notice it repeating:


              buzz_words = "ARBCGE|PWEFTP|OISTRE|MAPBFS|..........";

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                harry.fish Level 1

                Thanks for the code, but I'm just getting errors reffering to 'Slider'?

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                  Taverino Level 2

                  Does this work?


                  buzz_words = "ARBCGE|PWEFTP|OISTRE|MAPBF";

                  split_buzz_words_array = buzz_words.split('|');

                  buzz_frame_rate = effect("Buzz Frame Rate")(1);

                  buzz_frame = Math.floor(time * buzz_frame_rate);

                  buzz_index = buzz_frame % split_buzz_words_array.length;


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                    Darby Edelen

                    A source text expression is probably the best way to go if you want a high degree of control and flexibility in your implementation.  Unfortunately it's also the most technically challenging.


                    Personally if I'm not picky about the implementation then I'd use a text animator.  First I'd select the characters I need to animate, then I'd go to Animation > Animate Text > Character Value.  This will create a Range Selector and Character Value properties for the text animator.  Then I'd apply a Wiggly Selector to the text animator and start increasing the Character Value property until I see some random characters I like.


                    You can adjust the Wiggly Selector properties as well as the Character Value properties.  Try Full Unicode if you want to get some crazy characters in there, but beware: Full Unicode also includes some codes for non-visible characters.  You can even animate the Range Selector if you want to make it appear that certain parts of the text have been successfully hacked.

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      There's a text animation preset called Decider Fade In. Search for that and give it a try. It may be all you need. If you want to modify it press UU to reveal all properties and do some experimenting. You might want to try setting the opacity to 100% and animating the character offset.


                      I saved a quick test as an animation preset for you. I just added keyframes to the character offset, turned randomize order to on, and set the opacity to 100%.  You can find it here. Just save the preset to your user presets library or desktop, create a new text layer, then go to Animation>Apply Animation Preset, browse to the preset and apply.


                      Try changing the randomize order to off. Try changing the offset value. Try different fonts. Have fun.