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    video plays abnormally fast for a short time while streaming from FMS (issue appears on iPad)




      It's my first post, let me know if I miss out any details while posting this question, I will try to provide as much possible.


      I am streaming (live, no recording) video using Flash Media Server 4.5. I created to 2 applications -


      1) Publisher: Publishes (streams) video using FMS.

      2) Receiver: Plays the published stream.


      Everything works good as expected because its very simple application on WEB or in (Desktop) browser.


      But when I port Receiver app to iPad, video, it plays fine but in between it plays fast (like you are fast forwading in VCR or DVD player) for few mili seconds and then back to normal.


      Note: I tried using Wowza server in place of FMS but no luck.


      To resolve this issue I played with some settings like - lowering the camera fps to 10, quality to 50, favoring to false. It results lil bit improvement but my client cannot compromise on low quality video, that too on iPad.


      Thanks in advance!