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    Encode requires 16777216.00TB

    K 1705

      Adobe Premiere Pro CC What does the error message Encode requires at least 16777216.00TB space in C to encode..I have rendered many things with no problem and now all of a sudden I cant render any thing ..I'm stuck. I have tons of space in the hard drive and a good graphics card..??

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Never saw that one before.  I'd recommend exporting to a different hard drive.  You should never use C: for anything but Windows and Programs.  Ideally you should have five internal drives:


          C: System

          D: Projects

          E: Cache/Scratch

          F: Media

          G: Exports

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            Had the same issue today.

            Found out it happens (at least with me) when there isn't any footage within the in/end point to render. As soon as I corrected the in/end point the problem was resolved.

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              Hey! I am using Premiere Pro CC

              I was facing this problem since 2 days and aftr lot of tries i have fixed this problem and was able to export media in the format i wanted!CHEERS!

              so here are the simple steps u should follow to get rid out of this problem.

              1.make in and out markers on your timeline by "I" and "O" respectively such that in mark lies at starting of your video and out mark lies at the end.

              2.now go to sequence and select render in to out.now rendering will start and will take few mins.

              3.thts all now go to file then export then media and export your media and enjoy


              if this isnt working

              1.go to edit then preferences then memory and chnge performance to memory there then click ok.

              2. repeat above steps and give it a try.


              btw no chance of failure XD