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    Error [..\..\Src\Utilities.cpp-780]

    y88cdw Level 1

      I have a few displeasing things in Premiere Pro CC so far... I use Realtek ALC1150 audio from ASUS Sabertooth Z87 and drivers are installed


      1. I can't get to import any video that has audio with an audio layer. I need to export audio separately to get the video audio in timeline


      2. If I link any .mov DNxHD (220X) audio unchecked with any audio in timeline I get a program crash with error mentionned in title above


      3. An audio playing reverse (req. audio rendering) will stop playing before the end of its layer size the same time amount it has gone with a transition through another audio to the left


      4. Video professionals shall already deal to keep producing blu-rays without Encore... most tvs are not connected to youtube and the internet yet... I can only think of Samsung. I am owning material copies since online services are limited to one language, hardware and official releases! How dare you made this premature move with long-term focus excuse so early, because mine whispers I'd likely not use Adobe in the short-term