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    Can I export Bins/folders created in Premiere Pro CS6 to desktop?

    Artyyyyyyy Level 1

      Recently I've started a slideshow project in Premire Pro. I organized all the images in Premiere by bins and started the project, although another software (ProShow Producer 5) have come to my attention, and I would like to continue the project in ProShow. Though my bins are organized inside Premiere and it would take me hours to go into the folders and pick out the correct photos again for the new project. My question is, can I export Bins/folders created in Premire to my computer? I know that the folders created in Premire are not real, though is there any pissiblity to duplicate the photos and place them into the bins/folders indicated in Premire? That way I can have all the folders ogranized and ready without the need to do it all again.


      Are there any plugins that convert Premire bins into physical files?


      Any help would be appriciated.


      Thank you.