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    Trouble sigining into Premiere elements 10


      Trying to do an INstant Movie. As I select my preferred template, it wants me to sign in.  I put in my login credentials and it just hangs. If I try sign in at the beginning of the project, it says photoshop.com is not available - to try later (last whole week).  When I go to adobe.com, my login credentials work fine!  Just cannot sign in from Premiere ELEments

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Unfortunately, Photoshop.com is no more. It has been replaced by Adobe Revel.


          Also, here is a recent thread on logging into one's Photoshop.com account: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1278206?tstart=0


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            To update you on "the not being able to use your Adobe ID or Password to sign into an Elements program", none of us can, and there has been no explanation from Adobe why not (that I have seen). It is assumed that this has to do with some Adobe behind the scenes maneveurs to adjust changes in its offerings, photoshop.com, Adobe Revel, or otherwise.


            You should still be able to import, edit, and export with the program. However, if you are after photoshop.com plus items, then they are not available in versions earlier than 11. In version 11, many of these photoshop.com plus items now come with the program as part of the program (no membership required - free). And, until very recently, even with photoshop.com plus gone, the earlier versions would let the user use the photoshop.com plus items (that is what I found first hand). As of today, no more with regard to that.


            Bottom line: Is your preferred template one of these photoshop.com plus items? Were you ever a photoshop.com plus member?


            Looking forward to your follow up.