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    corky72 Level 1

      I was having trouble with Overdrive on my Nook HD+. I removed Overdrive and then reinstalled it. When I tried to activate it with my Adode ID I got the message "You have to many computers or devices authorized with this ID. Please contact Adobe so they can reset your ID (Too mant activations)"

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          mxavier3 Level 1

          Same issue, no response. I have opened four chats with Adobe's support and it is like this is a new problem to them. No end in sight as yet.




          Here is what I did, I downloaded Adobe Gigtal Editions to my PC, then I checked under help/authorizations and found the UUID, some long string of numbers. I gave that the rep in the digital editions forum and in two seconds I was good to go.


          Let me know how it goes. very frustrating there for a minute. Seems like thay can't always find you by email, so the UUID is the trick.

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            H.Spector Adobe Employee



            I am moving your posting at Acrobat.com Forum to Digital Editions Forum.


            Thank you.