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    how to change white background with text to transparent background

    Klara Hickmanova

      Good afternoon,


      I have a jpg file (part of our logo) white background with black text and I would like to change it to transparent background and keep the black text (to be able to insert it on a cup image).

      text only.jpg


      I tried to change it in photoshop, however, when I slide the "opacity" and "fill", the text got ligther as well.


      Do I need to have the original psd.file to be able to do that, or can you please lead me through with jpg file? (I tried to save the jpg to psd and png, but it did not help.)


      I looked on one of your videos, but I could not find one of the features under "Select" tab.


      My plan is to recreate the text to have the transparent background if necessary (It would be great if I can avoid that). However, how do I find out which font was originaly used? Does photoshop has this feature, or do I need to go trough each of the font one-by-one?


      My last question is, how do I change space between letters (to have them more tight. I am not able to find it.


      Thank you for your help,



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          fr4nk13xx Level 3

          If you can get teh original PSD file get it, your task will be a lot easier.


          I suspect that won't be an option to you.


          If you know what fonts are being used, that also would be of benefit to you. In other word remake it using your image as a template.


          If it going over an image, then a multiply blend might work for you.


          All that fails then you are down to removing the white background. The problem this option is it will not look as good due to the thin lines on the fonts. But essentially, Load the image into photoshop, make sure the layer isnt locked, then try the magic eraser tool on the white background, bam it'll disappear, but leave the white inside the O white you will have to do seperately.


          Messing with levels will help you with more of the white. Myself i'd rebuild it using the fonts.