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    Can I use Premiere Pro to match video to audio that progressively loses synchronisation?


      I am trying to use Premiere Pro CS6 to synchronise a video clip to its audio track.


      My source is an MPEG-2 720x480, 2.97fps, 4587kbps, AC3 48mHz 192kbps, .VOB file, which is a clip from an original set of .VOB files (extracted with VobBlanker).


      When I play the 7 minute movie clip on Windows Media Player, the audio and video are perfectly synchronised.


      The problem:


      When I import the movie into PremierePro, accepting to use the Clip settings, The audio plays fine but the Video seems to skip frames even at the start and progressively loses synchronisation. The length of the video track is displayed as 19min or so while the audio waveform ends at 7:44, the rest is silent.


      As the audio plays fine, I tried to match the video track to it using Time Remapping. The maximum value of this tool seems to be +249%, which gets the end of the video track quite close to the end of the clip in the audio track, missing it by 30 frames. Even though it seems to be so close, when it is played, the preview is a total mess, very fast and jerky and does not synchronise at all.


      In previous occasions, I used VirtualDub to change the frame rate of .AVI movies with success after some experimentation, the problem is that this software only works with .AVI files, not with .VOB.


      My goal is to keep the best possible quality and my target file would be a QuickTime movie in HD 720p with codec H.264


      Is there a recommended way of synchronising video and audio lengths in Premiere Pro to solve this problem? Can anyone suggest other options?