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    Direct Stream Copy to avoid re-encoding

    Bob Scarborough

      Is there a way to export a sequence with only cuts or trims so that no re-encoding occurs.  VirtualDub has this capability for AVI files with an option they call "Direct Stream Copy".  In the basic form, all cuts are relocated to the nearest keyframe so it is not frame-accurate, but I believe it can work even without the codec of the clip being installed on the computer because all it is doing is copying the file bit by bit, eliminating the cuts and then writing the exported file as a bit by bit copy of the original parts of the file.   It can't be frame accurate because if the exported file has orphaned frames without their preceding keyframe, then the file will be un-playable. 


      In a more advanced form of this kind of capability, called "smart editing" the bit by bit copy occurrs for all sections of the file where the keyframe and it's following difference frames are together, and where there are orphaned frames, the system does just enough encoding to recreate the sections without the original keyframe.


      Can either of these things be done in Premiere Pro?