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    Problems exporting Premiere Pro with SWFs in as .mov files.

    Josh Macrae



      I'm not the most competent with Premiere and am having a few problems exporting my final movie.


      I am having problems with an animation (Screen size: 1024 x 576) I am producing; I've produced all the animation in Flash then exported the files as SWFS, and want to composite it in Premiere and export it as Quicktime Movie (H.264), as this seems to give the best image quality for the final movie. All the SWFs export from Flash and import into Premiere fine, and in the main the SWFs export fine from Premiere, however a few of the SWFs don't export into the final finished movie, leaving just a blank screen, and others only partially export, either stopping halfway through the shot or exporting with some of the layers from the SWF missing. I've tried re importing the files but I still encounter the same problems.


      Can anyone shed any light onto where I may be going wrong and what I can do to get the entire movie to export fully? Or if there is a better way of exporting the files from Flash to a final finished movie?


      If you need any other information let me know,


      Many thanks