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    Web DVD audio break between chapters

    jmklein Level 1

      For a finalized web DVD structure, if you have continuous audio across chapters, a song for example, there is a break in the audio as the "DVD" plays through and crosses a chapter point.


      I first came across this in Encore 5, and someone replicated it in Encore 6. 



      I am previewing PE 11 right now and came across the same problem.  I'm sure it is because each chapter is its own file (audio and video combined), and as playback switches between files, the audio break is heard.  Since Encore is not being developed any longer, maybe there will be an effort in PE to find a solution to this problem.


      Has anyone else noticed this in PE 11 that can confirm what I am experiencing.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Thanks for the report.


          I will take a look at this and report back hopefully no later than tomorrow morning.


          Any details of your project that I make duplicate in the testing


          a. formats of source media

          b. project preset

          c. how many menu markers and what kind; which menu

          d. where is the audio...audio 1 or narration track or soundtrack

          d. where are you playing back your webDVD


          To be continued...



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            jmklein Level 1

            ATR, I am not at my home computer at the moment, but I can answer a few of your questions.


            a.  format of source media.  A few clips from a Sony point and shoot (AVCHD, 1080i).  Also a few clips from an iPhone.  Total length only about 3 minutes.

            b. project preset.  I don't remember at this point, but I think it would have been that of the first clip from the Sony (AVCHD, 1080i).

            c. menu markers.  Only two menu markers; just 2 chapter markers.  I don't recall which menu, but it was one of the defaults, the one with the beach background.  Had a play button and and a scene selection button.

            d. audio.  The audio (an mp3 song) was on a separate track, I think audio 4, with the main video being on video/audio track 1.  I know nothing was on the narration or soundtrack.

            e. playback was just from my local harddrive where the web DVD folder was created.


            I will check later and confirm these answers when I am in front of my home pc.  The important part is to have a continuous audio track, like a song, playing continuously through the chapter breaks (markers).


            Thanks for your time and investigation.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I have looked at Premiere Elements 11 Windows webDVD (flash via with menus) and, in my model set up, encountered very minor glitches, if any, in the audio at some of the locations of the Timeline scene markers.



              Premiere Elements 11 Windows 7 64 bit, Expert workspace

              NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30 project

              3 minutes Timeline of AVCHD.m2s files

              3 or 5 scene markers placed for Timeline content (no scene marker at 00;00;00;00

              menu: Travel/Beach Resort


              a. one case, content on Video 1/Audio 1 (linked), .mp3 soundtrack on Audio 4

              b. one case, content on Video 1/Audio 1 (linked), mp3 soundtrack on Soundtrack

              c. one case, content only on Video 1, mp3 soundtrack on Audio 4.




              The results were the same. And, you can see by watching the Publish+Share/webDVD progress, that the process is encoding (what the program calls F4V) segments, not the whole. Example, if 5 scene markers, shows encoding "Video segment 1 of 6, then 2 of 6, and so on"; if 2 scene markers, shows encoding "Video segment 1 of 3, then 2 of 3, and so on.


              In my case, I had to put my ear near the speaker during computer playback to pick up on any audio pause/glitch. Sometimes there were none at the point that represented a Timeline scene marker.


              Maybe strategic scene marker placement is the answer in Premiere Elements??


              Hope the above helps.


              Thanks for bringing that interesting matter forward.



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                jmklein Level 1

                I hear the audio break at every chapter point, without fail.  The original audio attached to the video is muted, so the only audio is the separate audio from the mp3 song.  Same as was experienced in Encore, so I think it has to do with the fact that each chapter is a separate f4v file, and during the playback, you hear the switch over from one file to the next.  If anyone else can recreate this, maybe Adobe will look for a fix.  But yes ATR, I agree that strategic chapter placement and song selection could reduce how apparent the glitches are, but I would rather have the freedom to place them where needed to meet other project goals.


                Thanks for your help.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Some claim that an effective vehicle for getting one's voice heard at Adobe is using the Adobe Feature Request/Bug Form


                  to report matters such as these.


                  I am not sure if webDVD is an "in" feature these days and what would be involved in the an alternate way to encode them. Do you create these webDVDs routinely and successfully place them on your web site?


                  Recently someone asked about hosting sites for webDVD now that photoshop.com has been discontinued and photoshop.com was supported to have supported them at that site.


                  In my limited testing on this for you, I probably would not have noticed any glitches in the music unless I was particularly looking for it. But, I will look at this further to get a better overlook of the situation.


                  Thanks for mentioning this.



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                    jmklein Level 1

                    Thanks ATR, I will post something on the other forum you mentioned.


                    As for the Web DVD's, I haven't a website yet to post them on, but I would like to.  The other post about hosting was from me.  I would love to post these on a personal page somewhere so people I share with can watch the videos in a way other than just watching linearly, like Vimeo or Youtube.  I know Youtube lets you add some timecode links, but that means double work after already creating a DVD in PE or Encore.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Sorry, I did not link you to the prior question regarding host sites for webDVD.


                      I have not had a chance to see what is out there in this regard. Whatever you find will be a great contribution.


                      A few months ago, I started a blog (it is one of those free ones). Next blog post, I may give the webDVD upload to it a try. Since this is a free blog, I have my doubts about that advanced option for it, but I will give it a look. It does offer an option to upload video. To date, I have just used dv.avi or h264.mp4.





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                        I am also experiencing this same problem. Were you able to find a solution?


                        I posted a thread to the Photoshop Family community forum with the issue as well here: http://gsfn.us/t/4dh6o


                        Here is my issue:

                        Adobe Premiere Elements 11 issue with sharing/exporting to Web DVD format: I have an 18 minute video broken up into 20 scenes with audio soundtracks, photos, and text overlayed on eachother in each scene. Unlike the continuous playback I get with a video export that does not have a menu and scenes, this video has a .5 - 1 second pause in the audio and video between each scene. The video is played back in my Chrome browser and pauses each time it calles the F4V files that make up each scene.

                        I attempted the HD NTSC as well as the SD High Quality NTSC settings and the problem occurred for both the same. I also found other users recently reported the problem at the following thread without a solution posted: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5650326. Please help! Is there a way to export a Premiere Elements video with a menu to web DVD format for viewing on computer/USB without having a .5 - 1 second pause in the audio and video between each scene?

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          To date I do not believe there has been anything done regarding this webDVD issue. There were no "patches" generated for version 11.


                          Have you filed one of those Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Forums regarding the matter?



                          I have not looked at this webDVD situation in Premiere Elements 12 which was released at the end of September 2013.


                          I will give the Premiere Elements 12 webDVD a look (similar testing as I did here for version 11)

                          and will run Premiere Elements 11 webDVD as control.


                          Reports to follow. More later.



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                            pko12345 Level 1

                            Figured out a solution... I had my F4V files defaulted to Windows Media Player and was using Chrome browser. When I changed to use iTunes and opened in Internet Explorer it worked (I am running on Windows 8 operating system).

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Interesting results. Thanks.


                              As mentioned, I will look at this webDVD issue in Premiere Elements 11 and 12 and also include the influences of the player and browser and computer operating system in the equation.


                              How universal is your solution going to be? Will your viewers have the opportunity to make the same choices that you made for your webDVD viewing?


                              More later.