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    Importing DaVinci Round trip XML file, no audio track

    SMG720 Level 1

      Hey fellas - I'm trying to figure out what's going wrong with my importing an XML file from DaVinci into Premiere CC.  My steps are simple:


      1. In Davinci, I have 2 graded clips.

      2. Deliver tab | Easy Setup (Final Cut Pro XML Roundtrip)

           Code (DNXHD 1080P 145)

      3. Check Render Audio. Add Job and Render.

      4. Conform tab | File | Export AAF/XML as TestSequence.XML.

      5. Launch Premiere CC.

      6. File | Import. Select Test Sequence.XML.

      7. Locate file dialog appears so I point it to the now-rendered .MOV files.

      8. Sequence created with correct video files but no audio track.

      9. If I open either of the 2 MOV rendered files, I have an audio track. If I create a Sequence from any of those MOV files, I get an audio track.