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    ACR 6.7 in Lr 4.4 & CS 5.1


      I think I didn't explain myself very well earlier but always am grateful for responses. On a Windows 8 - 64 bit, I have CS 5.1 & Lr 4.4 with ACR 6.7. I have auto updates checked in Adobe App Manager but it has always said I am up to date on everything.


      ACR 7 passed by & now I see ACR 8 is out. Are these not compatible with CS 5.1?  Because, when I leave Lr to go to PS, a message box appears saying I should upgrade ACR...I thought perhaps I had to convert to DNG. On another post I saw a suggestion to uninstall AAM but will wait for absolute direction.


      I am soon upgrading to Lr 5. Should I wait to do any suggestions until then?


      Thanks again!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Having automatic updates isn't going to benefit you.  Neither Photoshop CS5 nor Lightroom 4 will be updated anymore.  They are not current versions, and continued support for them is nonexistent.  There will be no ACR updates that you can use.  You can use the DNG converter to create digital negative copies of your raw images.  After you upgrade to Lightroom 5 you could benefit from the Application Manager, but Lightroom itself will notify you when updates are available.  The last version of ACR that you can use with your version of Photoshop is version 6.7.  You can always use the latest version of the DNG converter.