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    Cannot find project file

      Hi. I am trying to open a "project" that I have never used (it appears that the person who was in this position before me started one). Anyway, I am able to file what appears to be a project. It has folders for each of the sections and then a folder for whdata, whgdata, and whxdata and webhelp.cab and a bunch of other files...like TOC files etc. and it contains many of the files I need for this project. However, I cannot find any of the following files: xpj, mpj, hhp, cpd, hhc, or hhk...and therefore cannot actually open the "project" in Robohelp. Any ideas? Thanks!
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          It sounds like you're looking at output (generated) files, not source files. You can create a project and import the topics, but there are some problems associated with that. This thread addressed this, though it was approached in a different way.

          If at all possible to locate the source files (including the .xpj and the others you mentioned), go with those.

          Hope this helps,