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    Bridge CC keeps crashing when viewing folder

    Digital Halftones Community Member

      I just thought I'd post this here for anyone else that was having this same problem. I recently updated from Bridge CS6 to CC and kept experiencing crashes with CC after viewing one particular folder. I thought it was an issue with CC as CS6 didn't crash with the folder, so I went into problem solving mode to figure it out. First thing I did was go to edit - preferences - cache and purged the cache folder. I then went to the folder that caused the crash and watched the filter - label in the bottom left to see what number it was counting down as it extracted each thumbnail to be cached. Once it crashed I made note of the last number I saw, which was 33. I then went into the folder outside of bridge, counted down 33 files and removed the file from the folder which solved the problem. It appears that the file had become corrupted at some point, so that is why the new CC couldn't make a thumbnail, but CS6 could as it was already on file. So if you are experiencing crashes while viewing certain folders in Bridge, you might want to try this out.