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    Beginner question about installing 1.5 on new machine


      I signed up for a Creative Cloud account when Edge Animate 1.0 was released and installed it on my laptop.  I am finally going to set aside some time to learn the software, but I have a better, new laptop now.


      It was my understanding at the time, and I have read about this recently too, that Adobe was being gracious enough to offer versions 1.0 and 1.5 indefinitely for free.


      My problem is that on my new laptop I can't install the software.  I found links for the Adobe Application Manager and people saying you could get it through there.  But when I open AAM there is no option to download the software.  I also installed the Creative Cloud software, but can't download 1.5 from there either, only the 30 day trial version (not what I was looking for).


      I was hoping to get the one that will work indefinitely at version 1.5 like I had previously, on my new computer (except I actually have 1.0 on my old computer).


      Any tips?


      I apologize if this has already been covered, I searched extensively through the forums to see if there was already an answer to my question.