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    Amongst others: Why is Google Chrome installed automatically while installing Flash Player?


      While installing Flash Player, Google Chrome (GC) was iinstalled automatically. I did not want to have that! I already have in use three browsers, one of which is Comodo Dragon (and that already is about the same as GC), and besides, I had not asked for that.


      I hate so many things here, amongst others:

      - The above mentioned;

      - The fact that Flash Player is still needed (and that HTML5 is not yet implemented anywhere);

      - The clumsy way Flash Player has to be updated (and must be updated frequently): twice, for Internet Explorer (IE) and non-IE; the not-so-much straightforward way updates are notified toward their users; the forced shutdown of applications, like browsers during updating;

      - The fact that Adobe cannot be contacted directly via internet/e-mail, and therefore I had to make this account, and had to make this very communication via a (this) forum.


      I am not really interested in this forum; the only thing that I want to achieve, is that Adobe would read this!


      (And why can't I copy-paste this very text - my own text! - into my Notepad?)

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          Mike M Level 6

          It's pretty clear that you're not seeking any kind of help, just looking to rant, so I'll address your rant point by point.


          About Chrome - you should have the option to unselect the download prior to getting the latest version from the downloads page. There was an issue of McAfee Internet Security installing "blindly" with an automatic update, but it was documented and submitted to development a couple months ago, the next update release should have it corrected, but I haven't seen any Chrome blind installs.


          The implementation of HTML5 is NOT an Adobe responsibility, as they DO NOT run the Internet or the more than 16 billion websites around the world. HTML5 is a new web standard, but it MUST BE IMPLEMENTED by webmasters like myself. I've personally "redone" more than ten sites in the last 60 days to make them HTML5 compliant and mobile device adaptive. I am however, the exception to the rule. It will be about 18 to 24 months before the vast majority of websites will be HTML5 compliant and even then, there will still be holdouts. There are some major web design companies I know of that still build and sell (for thousands of dollars no less) websites built with tables and frames and no doctype declaration in their code - that's mid 1990s design techniques, and poor SEO.


          The reason that there MUST be a separate version for IE is because Microsoft has REFUSED to let go of the Windows 3.1 (IE 1) technology of ActiveX controls. There are about 120 different browsers available for Windows (if you search really hard you can find them all) and there is ONE in the entire world that still uses ActiveX... Internet Exploder. And the reason you CAN'T update Flash Player while the browser is running is the same reason you can't change the oil in a car as it drives down the interstate. You'll break something if you do, and it won't be pleasant.


          The reason there ISN'T support for Flash Player, like there is for Photoshop, or LiveCycle (products which cost hundreds or thousands of dollars) is that Flash Player is free.... as in "no cost to you". This is the support for it, and frankly, you're lucky that Adobe has this forum FOR FREE.


          Since this is a user-to user forum, you should under no circumstances hold your breath waiting for someone from Adobe management to read anything you post here. Unless it involves a credible threat to someone, or it could get them into legal trouble, it won't even get reported, let alone reviewed.


          Lastly, I copy and paste text from forum posts all day every day, but then I don't use Notepad very often because I wised up and got rid of Windows (except for test machines and my "emergency" laptop). I have a Mac and I can paste into TextEdit or BBEdit or TextWrangler or even Word with no problem at all. And since Macs DON'T run IE, I only need ONE Flash Player plugin.