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    Upgrade From CS5 To CS6 Problems With Flash Graphics?

    rodenthead Level 1

      Hi People.


      I upgraded from Adobe CS5 to CS6. I originally built a printable book and developed an interactive version in InDesign CS5, which I finally exported to Flash. For the printed version I used Adobe illustrator to create the book images and for the interactive version I converted the images into SWF.


      The upgrade from Adobe CS5 to CS6 went well for the InDesign printed version of the book and I exported the new CS6 version of the printed book to PDF. However when I opened the old InDesign CS5 interactive version of the book in InDesign CS6 I was missing the links for the images.


      When I tried to relink the images I was told `Cannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation:.


      Please please help me because I am 2000 images in the new CS6 interactive version and short of going back and replacing each one individually, I am at a loss.