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    Can't install Flash


      I have an archaic Dell Vostro 1500 running Windows XP 32bit, browser is Firefox version 23.0.1 and can't for the life of me get flash installed.  It's actually a friend's computer, and I have no idea what the backstory on it is... I have done periodic maintenence on it for the past couple of years, running cleanups, etc.  She called with this flash issue, said she can't install it.  I was skeptical, got her laptop and brought it home with me thinking it was a quick fix.  Not so.  Example: her issue was not being able to stream Pandora on her laptop, said she needed to install flash.  I verified this.  Clicked the link, which took me to the Adobe dl page, downloaded, and installed, Adobe page popped up saying install was successful.  Back to Pandora, no love.  Went to Adobe's page about finding flash version, no video.  Clicked link to download, installed, more of the same.  Ad nauseum.  Did a complete uninstall, removed all Flash files, including in system32.  Shut down, restarted, installed, and still having the same damned problem.   HELP!