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    Imported video won't play on another PC


      Hello everyone,


      I'm basically stuck with an issue with my video..


      So, I imported a video I wanted on the stage from a directory, it basically uses the filepath to locate and play it.

      In my case, it's in the same directory, so the filepath is directly "video.flv"


      I tried editing it to ./video.flv or .\video.flv but apparently it doesn't take into consideration those edits.


      So here's the problem:


      When i send the .swf and the video to another PC, the video won't play ! (they are in the same directory, ofc)


      It makes the screen become black when it should play and that's all.

      I've put a timer on the same frame, and it doesn't work either when the video "crashes".


      I don't think the issue is the path

      (Maybe it is, but i tried moving the movie in and out of the .swf file's folder on my laptop : the video was playing or not, accordingly, but not doing that black screen)


      So what is it, any idea ?


      Many thanks in advance.


      (i'm using flash CS6 and AS3)