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    Export only whats on stage

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      this question is about size optimization of my exported swf: I know that Flash will only export a) whats on the stage AND b) what has an export linkage name. Is it possible to somehow only export, what is on stage and omit any content in the library that has export names?


      Background information:

      I am currently working on my second game that shares a reasonable amount of assets with my first game. My idea to streamline the asset provisioning is to use one FLA file for everything but have 3 layers on the stage: general, game1, game2. Now by setting the layer game2 to "guide" I can export the swf for game1 without any assets of game2, and vice versa setting the layer game1 to "guide" for exporting the assets for game2. But the fact that MovieClips with linkage names are exported in any case ruins this approach.