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    Huge file size for .ai and .eps

    Amaterasu555 Level 1

      Recently I upgraded fo Illustrator CS6 and found something that is going to screw up my working with clients. The problem is that the .ai and .eps files are having really huge size (67MB on an average). I have used about 6 images (jpeg at 1024x768, less than 1MB each) made them as pattern in the swatches panel and applied on various shapes. The .ai file size is 109MB :O :O :O . Another ridiculous thing is that an art that contains only 3 lines of text plus some circles and squares (3 circles, 2 squares) filled with solid color is around 68MB.


      This is really bad when I have to send the files to the clients. Please tell me how to reduce the file size without compromising on the pattern quality. Please, this is quite urgent.