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    Zoom in on HDV in a DV sequence

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      I have browsed the internet for an answer, but nothing seems to work for me. Here is the thing:


      I have HDV-files in 25fps and 1440 x 1080, the quality looks really nice when I play the file in vlc media player and also in the player window in Premiere. Since the cameraman hardly moved the camera I have created a DV sequence (25 fps, 720 x 576 and upper field dominance to match HDV), to be able to zoom and pan the material. While editing I kept thinking that the blurriness of the picture will go away when I export. Unfortunately I do not have a reference monitor at the moment, so I exported to a DVD via Encore, but the video looked just as crappy as I had feared.


      What is the best setting? I want to be able to create a DVD (2 hours long), and maybe also convert it into an MP4-file using standard settings for Vimeo. I would really prefer not to have to go through After Effects. Photoshop or some other time consuming workaround. There must be a good enough way in PP, right?


      Btw, I run Premiere Pro CS6 on Windows 8, PAL.