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    CS6 Master Collection:  Extension Manager Won't Load Extensions

    markerline Level 4

      I'm not sure exactly how long this problem has been going on as I have not tried to install any new extensions in quite some time.


      When I launch Adobe Illustrator CS6 64-bit where my extensions are installed I can use the extensions without a problem.  However when I launch Extension Manager it starts to load the installed extensions but won't fully load or launch and I have to force-quit the process in Windows Task Manager.


      Running WIndows 7 64-bit SP1.  I don't believe I have this issue on my laptop.


      Separate from this I have a problem with Creative Cloud.


      I cannot launch the Adobe Exchange Panel in Photoshop or Illustrator.  The option to launch this extension is not available in my menu.  In Photoshop "Extensions is grayed out".  In Illustrator it is not grayed out but it is simply not populated.  I have tested this on my laptop and it works just fine there.