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    How can I use data merge, within a master, within a book?

    sparketail1 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am producing an 84pp catalogue for multiple brands.


      I have it set up as:


      • 1x .indd document per spread
      • Master styles within one .indd document for black text, white text etc.
      • Book setup to contain all of the .indd files to make up the 84pp book


      Now, my problem is I have to change the footer text and references depending on the brand, so I can have the footers saying 'Call Brand A on 123 4567' or 'Call Brand B on 567 1234' and have various in-text references change from Brand A to Brand B and vice versa.


      I have a data merge on each of the masters in my .indd style source looking at a simple .csv of:


      Brand NameURLPhone Number
      Brand Awww.branda.com0800 123 4567
      Brand Bwww.brandb.com0800 567 1234


      This works fine on the masters within the source .indd.


      But, when I close this master style source and go into another .indd document within the book (after synchronising) I see the <<Brand Name>> container but, when I export the documents it does not populate the book with the data - it keeps the containers.


      Obviously with a normal in-document Data Merge you'd click 'Create Merged Document' but I don't want to export each page, and I have PDF print presets / .joboptions file with settings for the book.


      Any advice on how to get this to work?