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    Premier Multicam Feature - building from nest

    Troy_w1 Level 1

      I have a small hiccup with some multicam footage, I have 5-8 camera's of footage but they are of different performances throughout a tour. I am matching up each song from all shows and editing multicam of a particular song to result in a bunch of live music video like sequences which will be made as features on the dvd.


      My question, I know in the workflow you are supposed to link from the project all the footages, but I have figured that you can select a bunch of clips, nest them together and then make that a multicam. My issue is, the multicam view doesn't seem to work properly, and in project window it does still show it as a sequence not multicam.

      If i ctrl dbl click the nest it will open and show just like multicam sequence. It could be somthing simple but its giving me a headache right now, anyone else tried this type of approach or know why its not showing in the program window.


      thanks Troy