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    Document Units between InDesign Server and InDesign Client


      I am working between a Client application using InDesign CC and a Server application using InDesign Server CC.  The problem is that the Clients have their default document width/height settings set to Picas whereas the Server's settings seem to be in Inches.  This is causing problems when Server application is trying to generate a PDF in the units specified by the client.  I need help in figuring out how to get InDesign Server to use Picas instead of Inches.


      Here is a sample of the code used to look at the page width/height values.  I have a module-level boolean called 'mInDesignServer' set to True to test with InDesign Server and False to test with InDesign:


                       If mInDesignServer Then
                          doc = DirectCast(Application.Documents, Global.InDesignServer.Documents).Add
                          doc = Application.Documents.Add
                      End If

                      doc.ViewPreferences.RulerOrigin = Global.InDesign.idRulerOrigin.idPageOrigin ' Global.InDesign.idRulerOrigin.idSpreadOrigin
                      doc.ViewPreferences.HorizontalMeasurementUnits = Global.InDesign.idMeasurementUnits.idPicas
                      doc.ViewPreferences.VerticalMeasurementUnits = Global.InDesign.idMeasurementUnits.idPicas
                      doc.ZeroPoint = myZeroPoint

                      ' Look at the document preferences
                      Debug.WriteLine(IIf(mInDesignServer, "Server", "Client") & " " & _
                          "Page Height: " & doc.DocumentPreferences.PageHeight & " " & _
                          "Page Width: " & doc.DocumentPreferences.PageWidth & " " & _
                          "Page Size: " & doc.DocumentPreferences.PageSize)


      Here is the output from the Debug.WriteLine statement when run under both conditions:

           Server Page Height: 11 Page Width: 8.5 Page Size: Letter

           Client Page Height: 66 Page Width: 51 Page Size: Letter


      As stated above, how can I get InDesign Server CC to change its default units to Picas to match that of the Client?