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    Odd placement of dropdown after screen is enlarged

      Okay, I am a bit confused here. I have this page created: http://www.schylling.com/nav-9/nav9.htm and it looks great when you are viewing it at 800 x 600. But once you enlarge your screen, I have 24" letter box LCD and I fill the screen with my explorer window the drop down section of navigation under catalog and customer service dont stay with their proper placement. I am sure its an issue with my css but not sure what part. Anyone have any ideas?
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          pixlor Level 4
          Hmm. If I try a rough measurement using my hand, It looks like you are positioning your drop down menus relative to the browser window (upper left) rather than the container for your content. As you change the size of your window, then, the position of your content changes relative to the upper left-hand corner, but the position of the drop-down menus does not.

          (If you're creating these menus with Fireworks, dump that, and use something that produces better code. Look around the forum, as there are recommendations for better sources.)