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    Help with image selection/fade

      Hi, I'm using Flash 8 and I'm a newbie to actionscript.

      I have to create a flash document that will allow me to swap out colors, patterns, and hardware on our collars. I found a thread posted here that was pretty much what I was looking for. I altered the files to use my images, so I have the transitions working for colors. When you select an image from one set of buttons, I would like that image to stay put while you make your selection from the second set of buttons. Right now, you can click on button 1 in the top left corner to select a small collar and as soon as you click the large button 1 on the right, the small image disappears and vice versa.

      How would I make the small collar selection stay put when you click on the large collar buttons?

      In the end I will want it to work like this .

      Could someone look at my file and see if they can give me some insight as to what is wrong?

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          put all your images on the stage at the same time, overlapping each other, on different layers. Give them different movie clip instance names. Then set the _alpha of the images you don't want to see to 0, and the ones you do want to see to 100.

          you can use something like this...
          this.onEnterFrame = function():Void {
          myMC._alpha += 1;
          ...to fade the alpha up slowly. Hopefully you get the gist.

          The main point is, try to do what you need to do here on 1 frame with actionscript. That will be easier than trying to do it on a bunch of frames physically.
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            jay0316 Level 1
            Thanks for your response. I wanted to show you the latest files to get some feedback on the best route to go. Will your method work for the color buttons rollovers in this as well. I'm really stuck at this point and could use some serious help.

            What I want to happen is this:
            When you roll over a color swatch: the black outline around the color swatch fades in
            When you click and release: the collar image changes and the black outline around the color swatch stays on until you click another color swatch
            When you rollout: the outline fades out unless the swatch was clicked.

            Please look at the files to see what is happening now.

            I could really use some help. If you don't have time to check out the files, I also attached the code to review if that is faster.

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              jay0316 Level 1
              Can anyone give me any more insight?