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    Determining best image overlay size to use

    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Hi folks


      So I'm working with Premiere Pro CS6 doing some video editing for a minister friend of mine. During bits of the video, I've been overlaying quotes and whatnot. I'd like to achieve some consistency by always ensuring these appear in the same screen location. So I thought one easy way to accomplish it would be to determine the pixel size of the sequence. And the properties report back that my sequence is 1440 x 1080. I figured I could just create and manipulate images of that exact size and drop them in for exact placement.


      The problem is that when I create an image of that size and drop it into PP, the right monitor shows the image with pillarboxed areas of the video on either side of it. The image certainly appears to be spot on with height, but the width is off and I'm not sure why?


      So what's the explanation here? It would certainly seem the sequence properties are in conflict with what the right monitor area in PP is presenting.




      Thanks... Rick