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    Charts not displaying in ColdFusion 8 

    PHRED-SE Level 1

      We have two servers: one development and one production. The development system was upgraded to CF8 several months ago. The productions server was just upgraded to CF8 last month. All of the various CF systems that are running on the development server display charts correctly. However, charts do not display correctly on any of the CF systems running on the production server. Both servers run the same CF code. Both servers are running Windows 2003 (std) with IIS6. Both CF8 systems are standard.

      When any chart on any of the various systems is created on the production server, the page shows html objects (buttons, text, etc.) around where the graphic should be, but the space where the chart normally resides is blank. No errors are indicated.

      By viewing the source file for the page in question, you can find the name of the swf file that was created and is supposed to be displayed. This swf file is, in fact, in the CF8 cache on the server. Here is the big gotcha: the xxx.swf file IS NOT being downloaded on the user’s PC; i.e., it is not in the temporary internet directory when the user is building a chart on the production server!!! It is there when accessing the development server. It works the same way whether the user is on the Intranet with the production server or across the Internet. ??????

      We have compared the CF8 setting in CF Admin on both systems and can find no differences as relates to Charts. There are trivial differences in other places, but most of the setting on both production and development servers are the out-of-the-box values.

      If anyone has a clue as to what might be wrong, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your help and insight.