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    Photoshop 8.0 Crashes when I open videos


      I can see the videos in the organizer.  It opens pictures as expected but won`t open the videos.  It cashes as soon as I click on a video.  I have updated software and video drivers.  I tried to re-set preferences using ctrl-alt-shift when it starts up but it wouldn`t let me, it kept taking me to catalogue manager instead.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running? Is it Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 Windows or other?


          Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Photoshop Elements 8 and hopefully Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1?


          What are the properties of this video that you are trying to play back in the Elements Organizer of Photoshop Elements 8? I am looking for:

          video compression

          audio compression

          frame size

          frame rate

          file extension


          pixel aspect ratio

          for starters.


          From what you wrote, it sounds like the video imports into the Elements Organizer 8. Do you get a thumbnail for it that represents the first frame of the video? Or are you getting a distorted image in that thumbnail?


          Answers to all of the above will help plan for troubleshooting strategy related to your issue.


          One remedy might be, if you have Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1, to import the video first into Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 where it will be automatically placed in the Elements Organizer 8 that Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 would be expected to be sharing.


          There is always the possibility to create a new catalog. But I do not think that it is indicated without further details.


          Please review and then we can decide what next.





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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            What model of camcorder are these videos coming from and what format and resolution are they?


            Have you got the latest version of Quicktime, per the program's requirements?


            Can you edit these videos in Premiere Elements?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              This is a just in case message which off hand does not appear to relate to your present situation, but I will mention it nonetheless....


              a. Are you working with the automatic Background Rendering and AutoAnalzyer feature turned Off? The AutoAnalyzer feature is in the Elements Organizer 8 accessed from Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements.


              b. Are you working from the 8.0.1 Update of Premiere Elements 8?



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                BruceHF Level 1

                I`m using 8.0, not 8.1.


                Quicktime is up to date.


                I can see the thumbnail for the video but I don`t get the metadata for it so I`m not sure of the compression rate and other info.  The video was shot on a Nikon D3100.

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                  BruceHF Level 1

                  I`m using a Nikon D3100.  I have the lastest quicktime.

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                    BruceHF Level 1

                    The auto analyzer is on.  Not sure where i find the background rendering.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      You should install the 8.0.1 Update. I could not use Premiere Elements 8 without it. With it, it is a stable and good performer.



                      You can install it with the program closed if need be.

                      An alternate route to it is from within the project Help Menu/Updates.


                      For whatever Adobe reason, that update does not leave a "calling card" when installed. You will see no 8.0.1 anywhere. Just look for an installation complete message at the end of the installation. One of the functions of the 8.0.1 Update is to turn Off the automatic Background Rendering feature (found Premiere Elements workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/General). Make sure that it is Off.


                      The automatic Background Rendering and AutoAnalyzer features of version 8 were major grabbers of computer resources and failures. The AutoAnalyzer is shut off in the Elements Organizer. In the Premiere Elements workspace, click on Organizer in the row below the active Organize header to open the Elements Organizer. In the Elements Organizer workspace, go to Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalyzer Options and turn Off all those options. To get back to the Premiere Elements workspace from the Elements Organizer workspace, in the Elements Organizer work spae go to File Menu/Exit.


                      One of the major topics of conversation with Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 was how to deal with the editing demands of AVCHD in that program. So, converted to MPEG2 HD which is less resource demanding. Other techniques were also mentioned. See how far you can go with your particular resources and AVCHD editing. The start is turning Off those features mentioned and making sure you are working from the 8.0.1 Update.


                      I checked your camera. Looks like it offers AVCHD 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 640 x 424 with several different frame rates. I am not sure if it is interlaced or progressive video. I need to read further. What are you setting for on the camera?


                      The next step after the above is to make sure that you are setting a project preset that matches the properties of these source media.


                      Let us start here and then we can decide what next as we sort out the variables.





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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Not sure if you saw my latest message, but since it is an important point...


                        a. Automatic Background Rendering...see Premiere Elements workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/General and the Background Rendering option included there/


                        b. AutoAnalyzer Options..see Elements Organizer workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalyzer Options...just turn off everything thing there.


                        I am going to be calling it a day. I will check your thread in the morning for any further developments.


                        Thanks for following up on the troubleshooting.



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                          BruceHF Level 1

                          I had 8.0.1 but didn`t realize it.  Auto analyzer is now off.  Still have problem.  Should I reset all preferences.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            SInce the issue is related to the Elements Organizer, the classic Ctrl+Alt+Shift should not help since I have always believed them to be due to the Full Editor settings file, not related to the Elements Organizer.


                            For the Elements Organizer, we can go directly to the file on the hard drive (rather than try for a keyboard shortcut as is easy to do in the case of the Full Editor)


                            Windows 7 or 8 64 bit path would be:

                            Elements Organizer 8

                            Local Disc C






                            Elements Organizer



                            and in the Organizer Folder is the psa.prf file that you want to delete or disable. If you want to disable it, just rename it from psa.prf to psa.prfOLD. You can go back and remove the OLD from the file name if you want to use that file again.

                            Be sure to have Folder Options set for Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives so that you can see the complete path.


                            Because of the nature of your problem, it is important that you include in the information the properties of the video file that you are trying to get playback for in the Elements Organizer. Once we know the project is setup correctly and problems persists, then that is must have type information.


                            Depending on how things go, we may have to use that Catalog Manager to create a new catalog to see if that will make any difference in the problem. We may also be aiming for deactivation, uninstall, reinstall. But this specific type of problem typically goes to an unsupport format.


                            More later.


                            Thanks for following up on the troubleshooting.



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                              BruceHF Level 1

                              OK, I renamed the file. Thanks.  I had tried before but I couldn`t locate it.   However, I still have the problem.  Maybe I should upgrade to photoshop 11.0.

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Thanks for the follow up and the details on the recent troubleshooting developments. Sorry the news was not better.


                                Please think about this course of action...for troubleshooting purposes at this time. Keep in mind that a new version of the program is due to be released very soon.


                                Download and install the free 30 day tryout of Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 and determine if this version runs into the same issue as version 8.0/8.0.1. We win whether the test is a success or failure. It gives us important direction for what next. You do not have to remove Photoshop Elements 8/Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1. Just leave the programs closed as your work with version 11. If your only interest is in the Elements Organizer 11 and your video, you could download Photoshop Elements 11 and the see how things work out before you think about downloading Premiere Elements 11.


                                Did you try creating a new catalog?


                                Once the next version of Premiere Elements is released, typically Adobe no longer offers the prior version for tryout, only the tryout of the new version is available.


                                Can you think of anything about that problem video that you have not mentioned so far?


                                We will be watching for further news.