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    Animate a square

    Robyn Leigh

      Hi guys, I am wanting to rotate a square in animate if anyone can help please?


      Basically I want to have a square spin from off the page onto the page in a particular place, I need it to spin quickly and then slow down to finally stop... any ideas please?? I am new to edge and muse. Thanks a lot

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          This should help


          1. Position the square element (mine is off-stage) and the Timeline Playhead (mine is at 0).

          As captured the elements properties you want to pin to the Timeline is its Position: Left X value and its Transform: Rotate value (both circled in the Properties Panel)




          2. Add a Keyframe for Left:X | Rotate to the Timeline at the position of the Playhead.

          To add a keyframe simply click the little diamond/marker (circled) in the Properties Panel. Once clicked they will be added to the Timeline.


          3. Reposition the Playhead on the Timeline; then adjust the Left X | Rotate values, as captured.

          In my example it quickly animates in in under a half a second just shy of the midway area of the document.


          4. Adjust the Playhead and repeat value changes. Except this time add more time from the last change (.500) mark. Say another 3 seconds.


          Preview:  http://www.heathrowe.com/edge/animatea/

          Download:     http://www.heathrowe.com/edge/animatea/animatea.zip




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            Robyn Leigh Level 1

            Thank you Darrell, always very helpful


            Any ideas on why my background that I have generated on my mac wont work on all system types? I have created a different discussion with no replies to this thanks

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Hi Robyn, which thread are you you referring to?



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                Robyn Leigh Level 1

                Hiya, I don't have many discussions if you look at my profile. Basically it's about the background slide show I've created works on my mac and iPhone but not my laptop and iPad... Any ideas why?