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      I just typed out the whole question in the customer service section!  Then, it asked me to login.  NOW the message is gone and I have a blank field to ask the question again!  FORGET IT!!!  And quit making me deselect applications that I'm not asking for when I go for an update!! I Hate That!  If I want Google Chrome I'll go and get it!! What do you think, it's hard to find?!  If I want the Google Toolbar, I'll go and get it!!  I hate presumptuous, pushy software that thinks it knows better than I do what I want on my machine!  When I go in for a simple update, I click update and that should be it!  If I'm not constantly vigilant, I'll end up with tons of crap that I don't want auto-installed on my system.  I want a system that runs smoothly, without being bogged down by a bunch of programs that are so damn self-important that they have to run constantly sucking up my system's performance!  Just give me what I came for and quit assuming that I want anything else because I NEVER HAVE WANTED IT!!! I've been using my PC since Windows 3.1 and I've never, ever wanted any app that some company decided they were going to shove down my throat!  Ever! 

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          So you really don't want any help with anything... you're just "spleen venting", right?

          Thanks for your opinion, but this is a user-to-user forum and NO ONE who makes any marketing or deployment decisions reads or participates here.

          The bundled downloads are a part of "freeware". Don't believe it? Update Java, or Roxio media creator, or VLC Media Player. They ALL bundle stuff, and Roxio isn't even free.

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            shmince wrote:


            I've been using my PC since Windows 3.1

            The computer world has changed since then; at that time there was no "freeware".  Adobe Reader had to be paid for.  If you wanted a web browser, you had to pay for it.  I remember that I paid $30 for Netscape 1.0


            Today lots of companies provide "freeware", but it's not really free - they generate revenues with bundled 3rd-party software.  Users are not obliged to download/install it, but they will have to take care what they download with the software.