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    Feedback text cut off


      Currently we've had an issue when exporting feedback into a spreadsheet that from the text fields it cuts part of the feedback off.  This is filling from a text field that does not have a character limit placed on it. Is there a default character limit in the back end of the system somewhere that filters in, even when not marked?

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          There's a feature to  set "limit chaacter count" for a single text field or multiline text field, under field properties, you can set them on form design tab. For Text Field form elements, the maximum number of characters you can enter is 10,000.  If a respondent enters a response that either doesn’t meet or exceeds the limits you’ve set, they receive an warning message when they submit the form.


          if you export the responses to spreadsheet(.xls or .csv), you should see the responses showing the same as them in the online response table. it means that if any one of cells text align with wrap text, it's also showing the same format in spreadsheet.