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    Notification adresse email


      impossible de valider des adresses email, je recois bien un email de confirmation, je clique sur lien et arrive dans l'interface de adobe Formcentral mais l'adresse n'est pas validée


      j'ai tout essayé mais rien n'y fait


      merci de votre aide




      P. Uldry



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          i'm not sure your language, Can you please post as english?  here's a english posts from google translate, if anything is incorrect, please let me know.


          impossible to validate email addresses, I receive many a confirmation email, I click on the link and enters interface adobe Formcentral but the address is not validated,I tried everything but nothing works

          thank you for your help


          P. Uldry



          Based on your english posts, if select an "unverified user" in the TO dropdown list, there's warning message to showing.(as your picture)   when you verified user account, you may need to sign up the account in the formscentral by "create a free account". after that, you will receive a verification email, subject :"Verify Your Email Address with Your Adobe Acrobat.com Service". at this point, you're really verify your email address and get a verification confirm email. At last, please signin Formscentral with your account,you should see one shared form in dashboard. when form is opened, the email address should showing as"verified" mail, and no warning message in the notifications TO dropdown list section.