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    transparency issues

    Peter McCabe LA

      The products is one of the easiest ones I have encountered and is extremely user friendly for a good portion of the app. I applaud the team! BUT!


      I am trying to import oam to a Muse site and I spent the better half yesterday trying to get transparency to work without a white flash at start of the Animate and lack of tranparency in Muse for design purposes. I tried all random ideas that I could find in forum. This seems to be a pretty big bug and I am not sure why it still exist at this point of the release. I would think the coders could address quickly since it seems to have been around for  along time. The work arounds that I have found do not work or are over my head. The "white flash" issue exist before getting into Muse but lack of tranparency is not ideal in designing a site.



      Assinged a 1px PNG transparency as poster image. No luck


      Any thoughts or solutions?


      It would be a good idea to coalese all the transparency prob/solutions under a single topic here in Edge Animate this would have saved me ton of time.



      Peter McCabe