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    Multicam Editing with descrete 4 channel audio

    TacoRye Level 1

      Hello All,


      I am a former FCP7 user making the transition to Premiere. 


      Basically, I have a interview filmed with 2 cameras.  Audio recorded separetly.


      I am trying to create a multiclip with 2 video tracks ( with onboard audio) and an additional 4 channel audio clip.


      When I create a multiclip as shown in the instructions, I only see one track of audio.  This is a problem as when the project goes to the audio engineer, they won't have the descrete 4 channel audio to use. 


      In FCP, it would drag the 4 channels with the multiclip, Premiere seems to only be taking one.


      All the online tutorials don't seem to address this.


      Any help, or advice would be appreciated.



      - Ryan