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    2advanced menu

    Level 7
      Dear there
      i have a good knowledge about flash and actionscript and i am making my own
      portofolio @ www.darkwhitestudio.com and it will be flash connecting to a
      MYSQL database to retrieve the data and so on.
      one of the problem i have is the navigation it's sections and subsections
      are from the database i made a movieclip the duplicates depending on how
      many records are there in the DB and i want to achieve an effect @
      2advanced.com menu array it is when the _ymouse changed within the bounds of
      the masked area it affect on the _y axis of the mc where the database
      records are retrieved

      Please goto www.2advanced.com and see the effect and tell me how can i
      achieve this effect knowing that i don't know how many records will be
      retrieved each time i press on a subsection or a client list or what so ever

      tThe _y axis is so sensetive to the _ymouse and is not relevant to the
      center of the panel it changes it the _ymouse ++ or -- one pixel up or down.

      please help me regarding that the height of my Mc is 20 and i leave 2 pixels
      up and down from its duplicated copy so let us say it is 24 pixels.

      Essam Maccar