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    Newb seeks advice

    Realtoast Level 1
      I'm new to Flex. From your point of view, if you were starting out again, where would you apply your time and attention, early on?

      - If you had to pick a discipline on which to focus, would it be actionScript (2 or 3?), or xml? Other?

      - Would you be simultaneously working to learn CF? Or is this only important in certain applications of Flex.

      - Would you recommend downloading and working with Flex 3; or would it be better to start with 2; which I already have?

      - Would you say that Flex is best used as a front end presentation of independent data (i.e. MySQL>xml), or is it more practical to create full, free standing projects with data hard coded right in the code?

      Thank you for any help!

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          peterent Level 2
          You'd be better of starting with Flex Builder 3 - it contains everything you need for starting out: a nice environment for editing and compiling code, help files, and examples. There's no point going backward to Flex 2 (which is also ActionScript 3) or ActionScript 2 (which is Flex 1.5).

          As for server-side technologies, you can take your pick. Some folks find ColdFusion easy to use and it does integrate well with Flex. You can also use .NET if you are comfortable with that and exchange data with Flex client applications using SOAP web services.

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            Realtoast Level 1
            Thank you. Then3.0 it is!

            I have already amassed quite a library of information. Can anyone recommend a starter book or online 3.0 tutorial for a reasonably well-mannered neophyte? Looking to build the simplest starter application of any sort. Just trying to crawl at this point.