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    Adobe Photoshop 11 with Premire Elements.


      I purchased this program the first weekend in August and have worked on learning it and creating a slide show of our recent trip to Africa almost every day -- a whole month.  In the preview it is perfect but when it shows on the TV it is blurry. Even when I preview in full screen on my PC it is a tad blurry and the letters are a little choppy.  I have read some other comments and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.  I created the slide show in the Organizer, choose output and the DVD NTSC 720x480 setting, I rendered it, and then burned the DVD.  I have made six DVD trying different setting and nothing is working.  I had an old program that I created slideshows with and had success on all my DVD's but decided to buy Adobe Photoshop 11 with Premire Elements because I wanted to have more options with my photos.  I have spent so much time on this project and I am so disappointed with my final product that I could cry!  The slideshow only runs 45 minutes so it is under the 60 minute maximum. It shouldn't be this hard -- HELP!!

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          DVDs are always going to look blurry when you show them full-screen on your computer because computer screens are several times the 720x480 resolution of DVDs.


          That said, how did you get the finished slideshow from the Organizer to your Premiere Elements timeline?


          If you selected Send to Premiere Elements, you're getting the best possible results. If, on the other hand, you output a WMV file and then used that as your DVD source, you often do get less than satifsying results.

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            Nipomojean Newcomer



            O.K.  I understand about the full screen.  I didn't see "send to Premiere Elements"  I do see "Edit with Premiere Elements" is that what you mean?  If not, where is the "send to Premiere Elements"



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              John T Smith Legend

              First, from the FAQ to the right of the main page - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1187937


              Second, you need to scale your pictures before you start editing, to go from "high resolution" pictures to a DVD

              Photo Scaling for Video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/450798

              -and, you can have a PrEl Crash http://forums.adobe.com/thread/973935 with large pictures

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                Nipomojean Newcomer

                I will need to read how to scale the photos, do I need to do it one by one or can I select several at a time?

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                  Nipomojean Newcomer

                  I need to learn how to scale the photos.  Thanks.

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                    Steve Grisetti Mythic

                    Photos can be batch-resized using the tool in Photoshop Elements.


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                      A.T. Romano Mythic



                      Please consider...if you have 4:3 going to 4:3 in the resizing process, all well and good for batch resizing with Photoshop Elements Full Editor File Menu/Process Multiple Files. You might even consider Elements Organizer File Menu/Export As New File(s) for this purpose.


                      But keep in mind that if you are going from 4:3 to 16:9, then batch cropping and resizing will probably be needed to get the wanted image. Batch resizing/batch cropping can be done with the free program of IrfanView



                      Microsoft Office Picture Manager


                      I have found it better to resize beforehand. But, depending on computer resources, it is possible to scale an image in the monitor to the space established there based on the project settings. You highlight the clip, and, in version 11, Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded and Scale property. After you have scaled one of your photos on the Timeline, you can

                      a. highlight the scaled photo on the Timeline

                      b. Edit Menu/Copy

                      c. select all the other photos

                      d. then Edit Menu/Paste Effects and Adjustments


                      Any questions on the above or any clarification needed for anything that I have written, please do not hesitate to ask.





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                        Nipomojean Newcomer

                        I have been working on creating a good DVD from my slideshow for days to no avail!!!  I have read a lot of information, but  I am not an expert with videos and all the mention of bites, changing pixels, etc. I guess is just beyond my comprehension.  I did change the scale of my photos to 1000 x 750 as recommended and my slideshow is still terribly grainy.  I purchased this program for the slide show portion, I do not do videos and I feel there should be a disclaimer on the packaging that it is "NOT" a slide show program.  As much as I loved the photos editing features and the ease of creating my slideshow, if I can't get a good DVD copy it a total waste of time! I am going to delete this program and reload Pinnacle Studio which I have used for years, it is a "video" program with which I have always had success with my slide shows!  I have wasted more than a month with this program, but I give up -- and it is too bad!

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                          A.T. Romano Mythic



                          Thanks for the follow up. Sorry that your news was not better.


                          I do not work for Adobe nor am I affiliated with it in anyway. So, what I am about to say is addressed solely in your interests.


                          If you have confidence in Pinnacle Studio and you can get the slideshow video you want, then go with that. Some even suggest the use of Windows Live Movie Maker and the Windows DVD Maker for creation of the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc.


                          But, if you think that you want to give this one more try, I will work with you (step by step, all the steps) through this thread to try to get you a good quality Premiere Elements video representing your slideshow. Just let me know:

                          a. number of photos, original pixel dimensions

                          b. any videos going into this slideshow, what format

                          c. is this going to be DVD-VIDEO standard 4:3 on DVD disc or DVD-VIDEO widescreen on DVD disc?

                          d. are you applying pans and zooms

                          e. what transitions are you using

                          f. what effects are you using


                          As reference point, what is the basic problem...playback quality of the DVD-VIDEO produced? Where are you playing it..on computer of TV DVD-Player or other.


                          I will go as basic or technical as you want so that we get the job done. If I write something and you think "What in the world is that person talking about?", do not hesitate to communicate that to me. It will not hurt my feelings. I will rewrite what you do not understand. But in sync follow up on both sides is important.


                          Whatever your decision, we wish you success.





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                            Nipomojean Newcomer

                            Thanks for the offer.  I am so frustrated and "tired" of working on this project I have decided to just put it aside for awhile.

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                              A.T. Romano Mythic



                              Thanks for the message. I understand. But just know that if and when you decide to give this another try with Premiere Elements, we are here to offer our "back seat driving help" to get your project completed.


                              But, whatever your program decision, best wishes for success.