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    Page Sizing & Printing booklets

    ben benninghoff

      Sir, I am having trouble understand, nor finding assistance in your manual InDesign CS3; 100 Essential Techniques, with resizing pages to a 5.5" x 8.5" size. I'm trying to create a book with approximately 24 pages (12 papers), both sides, printing on a 8x10" page, double sided. This is the only manual I have on the subject.


      I cannot locate in the above mentioned book to format to a specific size page, other than normal or half-page settings. Then, how they are numbered so they print out in order when the paper is turned over in the printer.


      I would appreciate any advice towards helping me figure out how this task is created for creating a booklet of 12 single pages of normal page 8x10 sheets.


      One of the sheets will consist of a cover and back, then both inside covers where an index and a table of context will be posted as well. That will leave 11 other 8x10 sheets that will fold in half, with text entered on each half of each page= 4 sides.


      Thank you for any assistance on how to create the pages, their numbering, and the printing out process.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Hi Ben,


          Welcome to the InDesign forum. I've removed your personal information from your post -- you really don't want to put that on the web.


          You are in a User to User forum, which means that all of us, with the exception of the very occasional responder with a Staff badge next to their name, is an ordinary user volunteer, so you are generally not talking to anyone affiliated with Adobe, and most likely not with anyone familiar with the book you mentioned, which is not an Adobe publication.


          That said, it will help us to know which version of InDesign you are using, and which Operating System, and whether you intend to print this booklet yourself or send it out to a commercial printer.


          In general, you should create your document at the size of a finished and trimmed page, so if each of your individual pages before making the booklet is 5.5 x 8.5, that's the size to set up the file. Add a bleed allowance (under Show More Options in the Document Setup Dialog) if you need one. The file should be Facing Pages so you can design in Reader's Spreads, the same view of the pages that your readers will see in the finished book.


          What happens from here is dependent on the answers to the questions I posed above.

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            ben benninghoff Level 1

            Peter, thank you for your response. I am currently using Adobe InDesign CS3. I've had it for sometime now but haven't 'used' it in years, so I've forgotten more than I care to say. I am using Windows Vista as my main operating system. I am trying to create a newsletter book of 12 pages, including a cover and back, needing about 30 copies.


            I went to the Adobe website last night, to their tutorial section with CS3 and began to watch their varrious video segments. First, the subject about building a brochure, then printing, but nothing about how to initially set the size of the pages. So I started over by backing up to the very first video, explaining what CS3 was and how it worked.


            Within the first few minutes, I got an "unsafe" message at the bottom of my screen. Before I could log off, my computer's screen started to scramble, froze up, made a horrible vibrating-looking & sound, then caused a blue-screen.


            Fortunately I was able to do an emergency shut down, rebooted and returned in "normal" mode. Later the same evening I attempted to access Adobe again, and got the same results, two more times. I haven't been back there since.


            Which is a shame as the video presentations I was able to view were very informative, but, still I didn't get to the part that dealt with the initial document set up with page size.


            I understand about what you referred to as 'facing pages', but I don't understand the process of page sizes, and then the printing out the booklet in the proper order.


            I find it interesting you mention that the book I noted isn't an official Adobe product. What book do you recommend acquiring?




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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              The only "official" training book from Adobe that I know is the InDesign CS3 Classroom in a Book (there's one for every version). I actually taught a college-level layout class using that as the text, but I have to tell you that it has quyite a few "teachable moments" in it -- bad example files and actual errors -- so I'm not sure you should attempt it on your own. Most beginners find Sandee Cohen's Visual Quich Start Guide to InDesign to be helpful (again, a version for each release of ID). Pariah Burke has a book as well, Mastering InDesign CS3, I think, that I thought was extremely well done, but more advanced, and the ultimate book, in my opinion, would be Real World InDesign (again, for your version) by David Blatner et al. This last is hundreds of pages of easy to read advice, but not really a beginner's text. You might find the video training at Lynda.com helpful, though not free, and there are quite a few other blogs and training sites on the web.


              But back to the setup...


              You want to print this, I'm guessing, on a home or office printer on letter-size paper, and you use Windows, which will help later. You need to set up with a page size that will fit twice into the 11 x 8.5 dimension of the flat printed spread. The largest page size that will work is 5.5 x 8.5 (printers specify width, then height, but painters do height, then width, which really tripped me up on my first museum catalog), or, in the CS3 Document Setup dialog, Letter - Half in portrait mode. You cannot bleed at this size, and you should presume that you ahve at least a 1/4 inch non-printing border on the printer, so don't put anything you want to see too close to the edges. Check the "Facing Pages" checkbox, set your margins to suit, and you're off. You can use a smaller custom page size, like 5 x 8, if you want to, too; just nothing larger.


              Your booklet must have a multiple of 4 pages (some can be blank, if you like). Page 1 will appear by itself as a right-hand page, the last page will appear as a single left-hand page, and everything in between will be a two-page spread. You work in consecutive page order at thsi point, just as if you were reading the booklet.


              When done, you need to print, and there are a few options. If you want to take it to the local copy shop you may be able to give them a simple single pages exported PDF (ask) and they will "impose" it for you when they print. Otherwise you need to impose into what are called printers' spreads -- two pages together in the correct order so that after folding and binding the booklet is back to being in consecutinve order. You can do this imposition by running a script, but if you have a full version of Acrobat on the system you also have the Adobe PDF virtual printer and you can use InDesign's built-in booklet imposer to do the job.


              Go to File > Print Booklet... and choose 2-up Saddle Stitch, then press the Print Setup button, which will take you to the familar Print dialog. You can choose your regular printer here if it prints two-sided, or you can choose the Adobe PDF printer if you need to make a PDF for handoff to someone else or to print yourself on a non-duplex printer. Make sure you check the box to Print Blank Pages if there are any blanks in the file, and set your page size to letter and orientation to landscape. Page Position should be Centered.


              For PDF, and possibly for your regular printer, you will need to press the Setup button in this dialog to enter the printer driver to set the Distiller options or to set up duplexing for a physical printer. When done with all the settings click OK in each dialog in turn to back out agin to the Print Booklet dialog and look a the the Preview screen If everything is set correctly, the preview will be correct and there will be no warnings, so you can print.


              This screen shot I made the other day for another thread. It leaves out the important steps of checkiing the Print Blank Pages and setting the page size and position, but may help with seeing where things are:

              Print Booklet to PDF Settings.png


              If you don't have Acrobat (and hence no PDF printer), post back and we'll talk about using a script to get what you need.