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    Hitting "Enter" doesn't start a new text line


      I'm using an HP Envy x2, which is a tablet-laptop hybrid with an attachable keyboard, and I'm having an issue with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.



      When I attempt to start a new line of text in a text layer by pressing "Enter," it doesn't let me start a new line of text; instead, it stops editing the text layer altogether. I would like to be able to press "Enter" and have PSE11 start a new line of text in the text layer; I have been using Elements to create graphics since 2007 and have never encountered this problem.



      I have already tried:

      - Uninstalling and re-installing PSE11

      - Ctrl + Enter, Shift + Enter, Fn + Enter

      - Resetting the type tool

      - Making sure the spacing is set to Auto

      - Turning on and off the Num Lock key via on-screen keyboard


      Many thanks!