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    "Open with..." dialog box

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      I am using PS CS 6. A while ago I installed PS Elements 10 simply to be able to help a friend who was trying to get to grips with the program. (I bought it, and activated it.) I was not pleased to find that file associations were changed from CS 6 to Elements without so much as asking. Well I got rid of Elements, at least I uninstalled it. Now however, when I right-click on a RAW (CR2) image in Bridge the only "Open with..." option is Elements 10 which is the "Default" program.


      I never had any intention of keeping Elements 10, why would I if I have CS PS6. Why would the file associations have been changed without permission? Conceit is a word that comes to mind quite frequently where Adobe products are concerned. I not only uninstalled Elements, I cleaned the registry using jv16 Power Tools and CCleaner. So why should there be any reference to it?


      Thanks for any enlightenment,



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          Curt Y Level 7

          Many programs do that unfortunately.  Last in gets the peach.


          Open up Bridge CS6 edit/preferences/file type associations.  At bottom is radio button to reset to factory defaults.  Try that first.  If that fails then you have to go to extension click browse and navigate to CS6.exe and select.


          Registry cleaners have no idea what to delete, and can also delete good files.