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    Way to highlight marker and refer back to reference


      One thing that would be nice to have is a way to highlight a reference marker in Frame and go back to where the
      cross-reference  was created. The cross-reference could easily be in another section of  the book. I know you can do Special > List of  > References,  but when you are in the doc itself it would be nice to do. I assume in ExtendScript you would highlight the marker and then launch the ExtendScript snippet, since it shouldn't (I think) be too much

      code if you were on the marker (and the code would check that it was a marker). Thanks for any advice

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can have multiple cross-refs to a cross-ref marker (perhaps from other books), so how would you know where to go in such a situation?


          It would be nice to be able to backtrack, but it could be quite a complex route. You would need to search all possible files and try to match the source text for the x-ref to that of the x-ref marker text. You would need a mechanism that defines the scope (i.e which files to search), build a list of the matches and then present those matches in a usable form to the user.

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            Russ Ward Level 4

            I agree completely that it would be nice. I built a similar feature into my XRef Wizard plugin for structured documents, where you can search for all cross-references in a book that point to any particular element. It produces a hyperlinked report for each one. I use it frequently.


            The methodology for unstructured crossreferences would be identical. Probably the most difficult part would be the reporting aspect; ie, creating a report, displaying results in a pod, or whatever. The process of searching through a book for matching cross-references would require relatively little code.


            Are you asking whether it can be done? Or are you asking for someone to do it for you? The answer to the first is an easy "yes", the other not as much