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    Getting Authorization unsuccessful - endless process





      I have to retry several times connection before the authorization process starts. But once started the process is endless.

      I don't get any exception.

      I am not able to delete any previous authorization , if any, using (ctrl + Maj + D)


      Windows 7

      ADE  version 2.0.1


      Thanks for your help

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          ClDc Level 1

          I reply to myself, in case it could help someone else.


          - I updated Norton and Windows firewall, still not working


          - I uninstalled ADE 2.0 and installed 1.7.2 from : http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/cant-install-digital-editions.html

          then as soon ADE was opened I got:


          E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032


          - Did more researches and tested a solution found in:



          I don't understand why but it works:


          - uninstall ADE

          - Download ADE  using IE browser and not CHROME as I did

          - reinstall


          --> it works

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            ClDc Level 1

            This was not the end of my problems.


            After having downloaded and installed ADE 2.0 using IE and got my PC authorization, I tried to execute a acsm file ( in fact a xml file) downloaded from my books provider site.

            Then I got a connection issue with no more comment from ADE 2.0.

            Then I right-clicked on the "Download" button on the provider site ( or on the option sent in the provider  mail), copied it in a IE windows URL field and executed it, downloaded the acsm file and executed it by double-clicking.

            Then I was able to get the Epub file.

            After that all is working fine even using CHROME as default browser to download and execute acsm files.


            To summarize:


            To get ADE working on a Windows 7 with CHROME as default browser I had to:


            1) uninstalled ADE downloaded and installed using CHROME

            2) Download and install ADE using Internet Explorer

            3) Download and execute a acsm file, using IE, just once

            4) Then I can get Epub files using CHROME or IE


            This seems strange, I would be interested by a technical explanation to avoid to loose 3 days more a next time.

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              Thanks a lot. I have exactly the same problem. I will try your method